The Sacred Scrolls of Pieist Wisdom

History of the Scrolls

The Sacred Scrolls of Pieist Wisdom are the oldest and newest holy books of Pieism. When Pieism was first founded, the Sacred Scrolls were the only holy book, however they were just sayings on pieces of paper. The Book of Pie, nowadays the most important holy book, was first just a collection of these scrolls. It slowly became more independent until today's form, the Sacred Scrolls were forgotten. Therefore back in 2008 our JoJo announced that an online version of the scrolls would be launched, for the whole world to enjoy.

The Purpose of the Scrolls

The Sacred Scrolls are a collection of minor holy tracts, each with it's own meaning and teaching. Most were written directly by the JoJo himself. This is so the more obscure beliefs of Pieism can be taught without cluttering up the main Pieism website and holy text. Knowledge of basic Pieism lore is recommended for full understanding of these scrolls.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

The Holy Gods of the Pie

As you should know, the Pie is everything apart from the Anti-Pie. So how do the other Gods of Pieism fit into this? I’ll tell you…

The three Gods that serve directly under the Pie are the Dominion Gods: the Tabby Fat, the Lobster and the Genghis Khan. All of the Pie is split between them. All inanimate objects like rocks or trees are just made of one dominion, all animate objects like humans, lobsters and cheese are made of two. Only I, the JoJo, am made of all three dominions, that’s what gives me my power. The Pie was forced to split due to lack of strength after the battle at the beginning of time with the Anti-Pie; its aim is to reunite. When your good deeds create Pie, some of that Pie goes to strengthening me, eventually this power will help destroy the Anti-Pie and forge this universe.

The other five Gods of the Pie are combinations are the three Dominion Gods, mostly one but with a little of another:

Sally Squid = Tabby Fat + Lobster
The Cheese = Tabby Fat + Genghis Khan
The Shark = Lobster + Genghis Khan
The Sumo = Genghis Khan + Tabby Fat
The Bodyguard = Genghis Khan + Lobster

These make sense as the more warrior like Minor Gods (Sumo and Bodyguard) are have parts of the more warrior like Dominion Gods (Genghis Khan and Lobster), the more aquatic like Minor Gods (Sally Squid and Shark) are part of the Lobster, the more human like of the Minor Gods (Sumo and Bodyguard) are part of the Genghis Khan ( a human shaped God) and the fatter Minor Gods (Sumo, Sally Squid and Cheese) are part of the Tabby Fat. All these Gods are part of the Pie, just like everything else (excluding the Anti Pie).

The JoJo himself is not a God of the Pie, he is something different. The JoJo is the representative of the Pie and the main prophet for Pieism, the fact he is all part of three Dominion Gods and so therefore the only being of pure Pie is only a side point, not greatly important.

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