The Sacred Scrolls of Pieist Wisdom

History of the Scrolls

The Sacred Scrolls of Pieist Wisdom are the oldest and newest holy books of Pieism. When Pieism was first founded, the Sacred Scrolls were the only holy book, however they were just sayings on pieces of paper. The Book of Pie, nowadays the most important holy book, was first just a collection of these scrolls. It slowly became more independent until today's form, the Sacred Scrolls were forgotten. Therefore back in 2008 our JoJo announced that an online version of the scrolls would be launched, for the whole world to enjoy.

The Purpose of the Scrolls

The Sacred Scrolls are a collection of minor holy tracts, each with it's own meaning and teaching. Most were written directly by the JoJo himself. This is so the more obscure beliefs of Pieism can be taught without cluttering up the main Pieism website and holy text. Knowledge of basic Pieism lore is recommended for full understanding of these scrolls.

Friday, 13 September 2013

The Kingdom of Mars

The Kingdom of Mars is a sovereign state that occupies the entire surface of Mars and it's two moons, as well as a number of small colonies scattered across the Solar system. It is populated primarily by the lobsters, the 'angels' of the Pie, along with significant fat, pug and droid minorities. The capital of Mars is Olympus Mons, a giant hollowed out volcano which contains a city almost as large as France inside.

The Flag of Mars

The central government is elected is a system not dissimilar to the Westminster system, where a House of Representatives is elected by first-past-the-post for shorter terms while a House of Lords is elected by a more proportional system for longer terms of office. The majority of the power lies with the Representatives, which is where the Chancellor (head of the largest party and government) is usually elected from.

Mars is also divided into thirteen states which are as follows:

Click map to enlarge

Each state has a democratically elected government who hold the majority of political power, along with a ceremonial Prince or Princess. The current heads of states are:

Bakerland = Prince Steel III
Clawshire = Princess Silk
Crustshire = Prince Charcoal II
Fat Crater = Princess Toffee
Khan Valley = Prince Blade IV
North Pole = Prince Snowball
Olympus Mons = Prince Maximum III
Phobos and Deimos = Prince Jimothy VII
Pugland = Princess Puggles Pugster
Squidshire = Princess Aroma II
Three Cities = Prince Lard
Western Plains = Prince Berry

Prince Lard is a fatling, Princess Puggles Pugster is a pug and Prince Jimothy VI is a droid. The remaining ten Princes and Princesses are all lobsters. The thirteen monarchs together form the Royal Council, who vote on each pieces of legislation that is passed by the two elected houses. Realistically it is very rare for the Council to actually block laws passed by the elected houses as their powers are generally understood to be held in reserve.

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